Potato Soup Recipe


Let us all accept that we love potatoes in and every form. Be it roasted, fried, or mashed, we all love to savour this appetizing spud. So what about having a hot potato soup loaded with flavours on a rainy day? Excited already? In this article, we will share an easy-to-follow recipe for making potato soup, along with tips for making variations and serving suggestions.

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Quick Highlights:

Main ingredients – Potatoes, onion, garlic, butter, milk, salt and black pepper

Time – 40 mins {Preparation time – 10 mins, cooking time – 30 mins}; Serving – 8

Nutrients –  Rich in protein, vitamin C, potassium and fibre

Preparation of the ingredients

  1. Peel and dice the potatoes into small cubes
  2. Finely chop the onion and garlic cloves


1. Potatoes (medium sized)6
2. Onion (medium sized)1
3. Garlic2 cloves
4. Butter2 tablespoon
5. Chicken/vegetable broth3 cups
6.Milk1 cup
7. SaltAdd to taste
8. Black pepperAdd to taste

Preparing the soup

  1. In a large pot set over medium heat, melt the butter.
  2. Add the chopped onion and garlic and sauté for a few minutes until the onion becomes translucent.
  3. Add the cubed potatoes to the pot along with the chicken or veggie stock.
  4. Boil the mixture and then simmer the soup for 15 to 20 minutes.
  5. To make the soup smooth and creamy, use a mini blender.
  6. Stir in the milk, and then flavour with salt and black pepper to the soup.
  7. With your preferred toppings, serve the soup hot.

Serving suggestions

Many different toppings can be used to make potato soup even tastier. Some of them are given below:

1.      Shredded cheese

2.      Sour cream

3.      Chopped green onions

4.      Bacon bits

5.      Croutons

6.      Grilled cheese sandwich

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Variations on the recipe

1.  Add chopped carrots or celery to the soup to increase the nutritional value.

2.  To make the soup vegetarian, substitute vegetable stock for the chicken broth.

3.  Add a can of corn or a handful of frozen peas to the soup for added texture and flavour.

4.  Use an immersion blender to blend only half of the soup, leaving some chunks of potatoes for a more rustic texture.

Nutritional information

One serving (1 cup) of potato soup made according to this recipe contains approximately the following:

1.      Calories: 180 kcal

2.      Fat: 7 grams

3.      Carbohydrates: 26 grams

4.      Fibre: 2 grams

5.      Protein: 5 grams

6.  Sodium: 510 milligrams

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